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Who pays for home care services?

Some long-term care insurance pays for caregiving and care management but most of it is private pay.

Are home care services just for the elderly?

Home care is not limited to just the elderly.  Our caregiving and care management team is able to assist any person with health care needs.

How is home care different than home health care?

Home health care is short term nursing care and rehabilitation therapy paid for by Medicare and insurances. Home care tends to be private pay and is more long-term support for individuals with health care needs.  The goal of home care is to help an individual maintain their highest level of function and independence at home through professional non-medical support and guidance.

Can my caregiver help me with injections or anything medical?

We are proud to employ very highly skilled caregivers, some of which may have medical backgrounds.  However, our caregivers are not able to assist with any medical care.   Their primary role is to help with all of the non-medical daily needs.  This includes activities of daily living (showering, bathing, feeding, dressing and personal care), companionship, errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation to appointments.  All of our caregivers have 24/7 professional care management support for any medical or higher level concerns.

What kind of background checking is done on a caregiver upon hire?

Every caregiver is live scanned (finger print) background checked with the Department of Justice in the state of California.  We also do a federal criminal record check, social security number trace and review both personal and professional references.  Each caregiver is TB tested annually.

What qualifications do Care Managers have?

Most are health and human service professionals; usually nurses or social workers that have had intensive experience in health care and in home and community- based elder care. Most have passed one of several competency exams certifying that they are qualified to provide professional oversight and management to patients and their families.

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