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Coconut-Oil-Picture-300x224Degenerative neurological diseases are without a doubt some of the most disturbing and common afflictions of aging. Many of our clients, patients and their families suffer from them. Our passion at Grace Care is to manage, mitigate and alleviate when and where possible the difficult symptoms that impact all involved.  While great hopes are placed on new therapies being researched by “Regenerative Medicine” studies all over the world, at this point there is still no cure for things like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Doctors design dynamic and customized care plans using the latest pharmaceuticals and various emergent technologies to achieve the best possible quality of life for these patients.

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Every month Grace Care features a local business that we highly recommend in the community. Each article will include helpful information to our readers.

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Every month Grace Care features one of our very best caregivers and their personal stories. We are proud to have them be a part of our team!

Gail began her caregiving career in 1996 when she started caring for her father-in-law who needed 24-hour care.  Two years later, her husband became very ill and she found herself caring for them both while also raising their six-year-old daughter.   “No one told me caring for two completely dependent adults and raising a child under one roof all on my own couldn’t be done and so I just kept going.  I was doing what needed to be done and learning a great deal during the process.”

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