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Click any of the archived radio sessions to hear Cindy Hasz of Grace Care speak on “Elder Care Talk Radio” with host Joanne Price.

The video featured below is of Cindy’s most recent appearance on ESPN’s 1700 AM radio show.

The Real Estate Radio Hour on ESPN 1700 AM featuring special guest Cindy Hasz

Advocating for Best Results 9-26-10

An advocate can make the difference between regaining health or remaining frail and ill for a senior. Having someone ‘one your side’ during medical visits who really understands your senior and their situation is key to good decision making and a good plan of care. Join co-host Cindy Hasz, of Grace Care management with host, Joanne Price, CSA as we discuss the importance of advocacy.

The Importance of Having Your Legal Paperwork in Order 8-22-10

Join co-host Cindy Hasz, LVN of Grace Care Management with elder law attorney, Stacy Edwards and host Joanne Price, CSA as we discuss how to get your ‘legal ducks in a row’ regarding wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more. This is one of the most important programs we have aired, as paying attention to your legal paperwork now will save you money, time and family relationships in the future.

Homecare, Home Health or Care Management – Which is right for you? 7-25-10

What is the difference between homecare and home health? When should you look at care management as an option? How does one access these important facets of care? This program goes into depth and answers these questions and more. Join industry experts, Leslie Loring, RN, host, Joanne Price, CSA and co-host Cindy Hasz, LVN, of Grace Care Management as we address all aspects of this vital topic….most importantly, being pro-active in learning about the types of care available to you and what is covered by medicare.

Wound Care Treatment and Prevention 6-27-10

Wounds that don’t heal can cause major health risks and may be indicative of underlying disease states. Dr. Schechter, Director of the Palomar Pomerado Wound Care Clinic and Cindy Hasz, LVN of Grace Care Management join host, Joanne Price, CSA to discuss new and effective techniques to assist in wound healing.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia 5-30-10

How is Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosed? What treatments are available? Steps a family can take for early interventions. Join hosts, Joanne Price, CSA with co-host Cindy Hasz,LVN with guest Dr. Mark McDonough as we discuss this important topic.

Signs, Symptoms and Treatment for Depression in Seniors 4-25-10

Listen, as Joanne Price, CSA, with Co-Host, Cindy Hasz, LVN, owner of Grace Care Management discuss the causes for and prevalence of depression in seniors and some common treatment options as well as the importance of monitoring side affects.

Medicare 2010 and Discussion on HealthCare Reform 3-28-10

Host, Joanne Price, CSA and Co-Host, Cindy Hasz, LVN of Grace Care Management discuss some of the changes coming down the pike for Medicare with the new Healthcare Reform Act.

Signing Up Your Loved One with Geriatric Care Management 2-28-10

Cindy Hasz of Grace Care Management returns to discuss how a geriatric care manager with a medical background differs from the social work model and provides a number of instances where your loved one would benefit.

Usefulness of Geriatric Care Management and Legal Perspective 1-31-10

Listen in as our guests, nurse Cindy Hasz of Grace Care Management and Elder Law Attorney, Philip Lindsley discuss the importance of medical geriatric care management for yourself or a loved one.