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Romney R. San Diego, CA

"I highly recommend Cindy as a care management consultant for anyone needing help managing the health care or concerns of an elderly loved one. My mother and I first heard about Cindy when we got news that my father's Medicare benefits were prematurely being cut off by the Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) he was at after he had survived a massive stroke and the SNF didn't think he was making enough "progress" in therapy. He still had over a month left of his 100 days of coverage, which he badly needed to use - the injury to his brain being so severe - so it just didn't make sense. The cost to pay privately for him to stay at the SNF was exorbitant - $355/day - and he was no where near being able to be cared for at home. We were stunned, angry, perplexed, thought the SNF would help us through the process of managing my father's recovery, had no idea what our legal rights were, nor what we should do. I called around for an attorney, and one of the paralegals I spoke with suggested I call Cindy."

Dr. Stuart B. Kipper

"I have been a practicing Internist in the North San Diego County area for nearly 30 years. In that time, I have had the pleasure, and unfortunate frequent displeasure, to work with a number of different home care agencies and other providers of care to my patients. Grace Care Management has constantly proven themselves the best of the bunch. Their attention to detail and appropriate continuity of care has not only pleased my patients, but they have also exceeded the standard of care and have accomplished what few such agencies are capable of achieving- added benefit to the patient and improvement in their health care and quality of life. It is always a pleasure and easy decision to include Grace Care in my patient’s lives. Everyone wins and the degree of communication is just right and always focused appropriately on the real issues at play, regardless of the personality of the patient or their unique and frequently complicated medical situations. They are the elite ‘concierge’ home care provider my patients deserve and reliably benefit from on a daily basis."

Vivienne Bennett

"I have known Cindy Hasz and her care management company, Grace Care Management for over 8 ½ years. Grace Care Management and Rays of Hope have successfully coordinated and provided a high quality level of service that is individualized and specially designed to meet each client’s individual needs. Grace Care has over and over demonstrated excellence in the care management and caregiver provision of service in the community. Clients and families express a high level of satisfaction as they often go above and beyond the standard in other organizations."

G. Kenneth Vincent

"Miracles don’t often happen, but I have seen them occur with expert professional care and a high level of interest as provided by Grace Care. Since Grace Care has provided my home care, healing has accelerated both physically and emotionally. The services they have advocated have been outstanding and validated by my continuing ability to recover at home with feelings of certainty and security. Their consultation has been personal and caring, providing new and deeper understanding of methods of getting well. I will soon be ready to continue my life independently thanks to their supervision."

Gordon G. Kaplan

"I would like to thank Grace Care Management for their caring approach and professional skill in assisting our family. As mother approaches age 90, she has required increasing levels of care management and expert interface with the medical establishment – and Grace Care has done an excellent job in both areas. One notable example: Grace Care recently arranged for mother to receive a comprehensive evaluation and course of treatment by an inter-disciplinary team of geriatric specialists at UCSD‘s Hillcrest facility, with very positive results for mother’s general health and outlook."

Dr. Schechter

"Grace Care Management has truly made a difference in the quality of my patient’s lives. Grace Care goes a long way toward filling in the potholes in the pavement of our system of outpatient and extended healthcare delivery. This is especially true for our elder population, leading to a smoother ride for providers and patients alike, thereby noticeably enhancing quality of care."


"I have provided loving care for three different family members over the past 15 years. When I looked for a Company to work for with standards that reflected mine, I found Grace Care. They treat their clients with love, respect and dignity. Every member of the Grace Care Team works together to provide the highest level of compassionate, empathic, skilled and integrated care."

Jeremy Fine

"It is such a pleasure working with Grace Care Management. They are true professionals and dedicated patient advocates. I have complete confidence working with them and in the care they provide our patients. They are conscientious, courteous, warm and caring and it is a true honor to participate with them in patient care."

Twila Noble

"Cindy treats each patient as an individual and she treats each family as if they were part of her own extended family. She uses her expertise to negiotate the myriad pathways needed to maintain elders in their home when appropriate  and to expedite urgent or emergency care when necessary. I see her process if implemented to be one of the heroes, not only to her patients but also to our ailing healthcare system."

Bob King

"Cindy is a dedicated homecare professional. What distinguishes her agency from many others is that Cindy genuinely cares about doing what’s right, both legally and for her clients. She’s smart, personable, and has a deep understanding of homecare. Her agency provides a wide array of services for clients, and I recommend her highly."

Lisa Tooman

"I have worked with Grace Care Management since 2004. Grace Care offers dedicated, personalized, and professional care management services to the clients they serve. The quality of care and provision of needed services specific to each client in unsurpassed. Cindy and her specialized professionals go above and beyond what traditional care management companies provide. They go the extra mile to provide the needed resources and provision of services that enable their clients live in their place of residence by promoting and fostering the optimal level of care. Cindy and her staff advocate for their clients’ needs by effectively communicating with family members, physicians, and others involved in their client’s care. Grace Care Management is the type of care management I would seek out for my loved ones for its quality of care and peace of mind it offers to those they serve."

Dr. Michael T. Bowersox

"Grace Care Management has been a valued resource for my geriatric patients for many years. They help extend important medical support services to the homes of our patients in need. I am impressed with the compassion, dedication, and respect they have given to my geriatric patients. Cindy has the experience necessary to help organize each situation for families facing a confusing array of options. I am pleased to give Grace Care my highest recommendation. I look forward to working closely with their professional staff for many years to come."

David Merrill

"I have worked with Grace Care Management for over a year now and can highly recommend them. They have skillfully orchestrated all aspects of home care for our mutual patient, including coordination of home visits. As a physician, I have appreciated their high level of support, professionalism, and their open communications with me. Grace Care’s fully integrated team approach has facilitated the very best outcome for my patient."

Jack Goldberg

"My parents had been married 65 years and moved together into an Assisted Living Center last year. Soon after my mother fell and broke several bones, we started to work with Grace Care. We quickly learned that there are many gaps in the care that the elderly receive, even at the best facilities. Grace Care provided nursing services, helped manage her medications, brought her to doctor appointments, and helped us coordinate all of the various health professionals and caregivers. Later, when my father became ill, Grace Care helped us with end-of-life care which was sensitively designed around the needs of the family. We will be forever grateful for Grace Care’s consistent and loving support."

Stevie Eller

"We can’t say enough good things about Cindy Hasz and her team of well-trained compassionate caregivers at Grace Care Management. The attention to detail, nurse care management, medical coordination and consistent knowledgeable home care was vital to us when my husband returned home after a life-threatening accident. I believe that one of the reasons he is doing so well today is a result of the excellent support we received from Grace Care Management during the early days of his recovery."

Giles Bateman

"Cindy Hasz and Grace Care Management have been my right hand, looking after my wife Doña since she came home from the hospital after a stroke last year. At a time of chaos and stress, Grace Care Management stepped in to organize home care, medications and a host of other details, all of which were new to me. Their support was truly invaluable. Now, six months later Cindy and her team of wonderful caregivers are an integral part of my wife’s care."

Judith Burzell

"I would like to thank you for all of the excellent work you have done for my client. In my 10 years of experience in this field, as a conservator and case manager, I have worked with many different companies and individuals to provide care for my clients. Grace Care Management has been outstanding in their response to our needs. All of the people we have worked with at your company have been professional and great to work with. The high level of service makes my job much easier. Thank you again for all your help and support."

Jim Brinkman

"I have nothing but praise for Grace Care Management. I have utilized their services numerous times, and not once have I been disappointed. Cindy is like my right hand, an indispensable part of the team when it comes to providing case management to the complex, homebound elderly. She truly brings grace, as well as competence, empathy, and professionalism to nurse care management."

Jo Ann Stewart

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Cindy with a patient of mine. Due to the great care Cindy and Grace Care have provided, my patient’s dignity and quality of life have been maintained for a very long time. Thanks!"

Wendy Weisman

"My experience with Grace Care Management was so very helpful. I worked with Cindy Hasz over a period of a few weeks. She helped me comprehend and deal with the situation. She was always available to be there when I needed her even at the last moment. Thank you Grace Care Management and Cindy Hasz."


"Grace Care Management provided enough help that my father was able to live in his house until he passed away recently. My sister and I live hours away from my father’s home, but both our Assistant Care Manager and Caregiver provided really great care; when they were assisting him, they treated him like a member of their families. The office was flexible about scheduling, and our Assistant Care Manager did a particularly good job choosing caregivers that were compatible with my father’s personality. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with family members."


"I want to thank Grace Care Management for providing such great care to my dad and his wife.  The caregivers have given them OUTSTANDING care and should be congratulated for all their efforts.  My sisters and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us.  Dealing with aging parents is never easy but you made the pathway so much easier."