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15Elder abuse is alive and well in San Diego. Here’s the surprise for most people: The perpetrators are not always the usual suspects; often they are the providers of elder care.

There was a recent article in the September 8th edition of the Union Tribune titled “Deadly Neglect”, which is about the pandemic neglect in San Diego’s assisted livings. It is an important article and it should open a lot of eyes. For instance, this article cites that 27 San Diego County seniors have died since 2008 from injuries and neglect suffered in local assisted living facilities. Even harder to believe is that of the 27 seniors who died, only 18 of these cases were investigated by the state agency responsible for overseeing them! Of those 18 deaths, in which the state did find the facilities negligent, the fine for such a tragic outcome was only $150 which is the maximum allowed by law.

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Peggy PrchalEvery month Grace Care features one of our very best caregivers and their personal stories. We are proud to have them be a part of our team!

Peggy Prchal grew up in the mountains of Ramona, California.  As a teenager, after graduating from Ramona High School, she took an interest in the medical field and decided to become a medical receptionist for a small doctors office.  This is where Peggy first found her love for working with people.  After some time passed, Peggy was ready for a new experience.  She moved down to the  San Diego beach where she took on a new career in floral design.

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Julie Duncan

Every month Grace Care features a local business that we highly recommend in the community. Each article will include helpful information to our readers.

What exactly does a dental hygienist do?

A dental hygienist plays multiple roles in oral health care. We are technicians, educators, and typically the oral health care providers that are the first to observe and recognize if any oral diseases are taking place.

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