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Liz Moreno PictureEvery month Grace Care features one of our very best caregivers and their personal stories.  This month we introduce Elizabeth Moreno, who has been with Grace Care since 2012.

Elizabeth has been living in Ramona, California since 1996. She graduated from Montecito High School in 2007. Growing up Elizabeth enjoyed caring for others and knew that because of this she wanted a career where she could help others within the community.  With this thought, Elizabeth started working as a caregiver in 2007 at an assisted living facility in Ramona. There she gained excellent experience with elders and felt confident she had chosen the right career.

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New Paradigm

The Christmas story is counter intuitive. It’s a story about a virgin birth; God in human flesh, and a king who served.   The story of Jesus of Nazareth, a sovereign ruler who could not find a place to lay his head. He came to pay a debt he did not owe to give us a freedom we could not earn.

Who would do that?  A servant leader.

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Marguerite PicAs Care Managers in San Diego we frequently find families that benefit from the services of trusted Fiduciaries, such as Marguerite Lorenz and Lorenz Fiduciary Services, when making important decisions about planning for their future.  We are pleased to highlight their services in this blog.  Fiduciaries are are an important component of many of our collaborative home care teams.  Marguerite C. Lorenz, CTFA, CLPF #319 was appointed by Governor Brown in 2012 and is currently serving as Chairman of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Professional Fiduciaries Bureau, Advisory Committee. She is Founder and Host of in San Diego, California, educating hundreds of San Diegans annually about the value of estate planning.

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Headshot_ Art BarterAs the former cultural architect of Datron World Communications, Inc., Art Barter turned a $10 million dollar company in 2004 into a $200 million revenue company by 2010.  The success was born out of Art’s desire to transform a traditional system of leadership into a servant-led organization.

As an active speaker, Art tells Datron’s riveting story from severe adversity to miraculous purchase, to a significant organization committed to leading for the sake of others.  Art has presented the servant leadership message to a wide variety of corporate, government, and non-profit audiences throughout the United States, and he’s particularly effective in reaching other executives who want to make a difference in the world.

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