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JackieThis month Grace Care Management is recognizing Silverado Hospice, a San Diego hospice we not only think very highly of but also work closely with in the community. Recently we personally interviewed with the Administrator Jackie Lleverino to share more information on their services with you.

Jackie has lived in the San Diego County since 1989 and is committed to making an impact on the community. She joined the Silverado family with an extensive background in sales and marketing in the healthcare and IT industry. Jackie has been with Silverado since 2007 and is passionate about providing excellent care and resources to the diverse community.

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“Pharmacological stoicism.” Such was the phrase coined by Dr. Peter Kramer in his ground breaking book “Listening to Prozac.” I remember when I read this book in the 90’s, it reshaped how I view use of medication to alleviate emotional pain. This kind of stoicism is endemic in geriatric medicine.

According to research published recently in the Journal of American Medical Association, not only do physicians under prescribe for pain, 50 percent of nurses under-administer the pain medication once it is ordered.  This aversion to treating physical pain carries over in spades where the treatment of emotional pain is concerned.

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Adam DrawingAdam Koltz is a self-taught artist whose earliest memories include drawing ships and birds. His first real encounter with boats was sailing a 40-foot sloop on Lake Michigan. He is an avid sailor and marine historian.  Adam’s attention to detail stems from his intimate knowledge of the subject, including the purpose of every line, sail and spar in his pictures. The wind-water relationships in his work show his appreciation for those elements and give his pictures life and vitality.  Adam is well known in Navy circles on both coasts for his depictions of naval vessels, which highlight hundreds of commanding officer’s and crew member’s collections of mementos.

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Angela EstacioThis month we introduce you to one of our very best San Diego caregivers and special member of our team, Angela Estacio.

Angela was originally born in Corpus Christi, Texas but grew up in San Diego, California. Her family is of the Philippino descent. She has been a caregiver since 2007 and earned her CNA certificate from Kaplan College. Her parents, both in the medical field, are her biggest inspirations, as well as the first to introduce her to health care.  Angela’s dad is a Psychiatric RN at UCSD and her mom worked as a Medical-Surgical RN. They influenced Angela to develop her strong character and good morale.  From a young age she was taught to always be kind to everyone around her and give equal respect and love to children and the elderly.

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