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Chiropractor-Cheryl-BorregoWe have another very special highlight for you this month.  We are excited to share the work of Dr. Cheryl Borrego of San Diego Chiropractic Wellness!

With the rise of chronic disease, prescription medications and an overly complicated medical system, functional medicine is becoming more and more sought after by patients seeking a more holistic approach to healing.  Dr. Borrego’s approach to medical care is making a huge impact on the quality of life for many San Diego residents and so we are thrilled for the opportunity to introduce you to her practice.  

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Help and support signpostOur fragile elders are often forced to navigate the ever widening gaps in a fragmented health care system, without the support and tools they need.

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70 million Americans 50 and up (four out of five) suffer from one chronic illness. More than half of older adults have more than one chronic illness and 11 million live with five or more chronic conditions. Most of these people will need intensive health care the last few years of their lives, yet the health system is ill equipped to provide the kind of chronic disease management these elders will need.

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We are always AndreaEscalanteexcited to introduce another  member of our hardworking caregiver team.  This month, meet Andrea Escalante.  Andrea was nominated as our March 2015 Caregiver of the Month!  She is a wonderful member of our San Diego caregiver team and another great reminder how fortunate we are to work with the people that we do.

Congratulations Andrea for your nomination this month!  We are proud to have you on our team.

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