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One of the most important jobs we have as care managers at Grace Care Management is to find the best referrals for our clients to support their health care needs and goals.  Working with many people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Minds in Motion (MIMO) is one of those programs we were excited to come across and introduce to you.  Founded by Jim Paterniti and Lester Cohen, Minds in Motion is bringing education, support and empowerment to the local community and all free-of-charge.  Both Jim and Lester were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and so their program was designed through first hand experience, with a deep passion for helping others.

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2dff6a9da8bd1264cab3346e7fec7436This past week I met with a distraught mother and father at a long-term acute care facility in San Diego. Their 36-year-old only son had been hit by a car five weeks earlier and suffered severe brain injury. Then, he suffered a stroke.

He had a tracheostomy and a fixed stare. The prognosis was not good.

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We are both proud and excited to welcome our newest Grace Care Management employee, Christine Lucus!  Christine comes from having years of experience working with elders in the community and at home.  Her diverse professional background brings a unique perspective as she transitions as our new Office Manager.  We hope you enjoy her recent interview.  Welcome to the Grace Care Management team Christine!

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