Featured Business: Lisa H. Tooman and RAYS of HOPE

lisa_325x244Lisa H. Tooman is a licensed and registered occupational therapist and clinical exercise specialist with almost 30 years of experience in various aspects of the healthcare industry. She is a dynamic, multifaceted, rehabilitation healthcare professional with expertise in diverse, clinical care services, as well as supervisory, management and administrative aspects of healthcare operations.

Ms. Tooman is a strong patient advocate and demonstrates a passion for the services she provides by implementing them in a warm, caring and compassionate manner that generates a high degree of client satisfaction.

Ms. Tooman is also the owner of RAYS of HOPE, or “ROH.”  RAYS being the acronym for RRehabAAtYYourSService.  Her services focus on home exercise plans, safety techniques/instruction, comprehensive rehabilitation, psychosocial intervention, and provision of necessary resources or referrals in which to promote a safe, healthier lifestyle.  ROH embraces the concept of health and well-being through specialized therapeutic techniques that treat or prevent illness/injury and support maximum functional abilities in daily life activities through client/caregiver education, exercise/activity, leisure pursuits, and community integration.

Grace Care Management and Owner Cindy Hasz have worked directly with Ms. Tooman for over ten years.  With advanced skill, she has helped assist with caregiver training, education and in-home therapy services for our clients.   Ms. Tooman’s role is extremely important and we are grateful for her expertise and support throughout the years.  Below we feature her recent interview, where she shares more about her services and company RAYS of HOPE.

How long have you been working with elders and what are your specialties?

I have been a therapist for almost 30 years specializing in direct in-home rehab care with seniors. I provide interventions that optimize one’s level of function, promote maximum safety and provide caregiver education in the safe handling of the client. In addition, as an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist (AHFS), I am uniquely qualified to provide post-rehab care for those who have not reached their maximum rehab potential. My services offer high quality interventions in rehab care management, disease prevention strategies and lifestyle modifications along the chronic health care continuum.

What makes your work different than home health and outpatient services?

ROH (RAYS of HOPE) offers private and personalized services structured to ensure the quality of time needed to meet the client’s and family’s goals and special requests in care.

How long do you typically work with a client?

Sessions can range from 50-90 minutes or per the request of the client or family. Sessions are client-centered and individualized to meet the needs at that time.

Do you do both acute and long term “rehabilitation? If so, how important is it do you think to have this kind of therapy for elders?

My many years of experience offer comprehensive knowledge of acute care interventions/strategies along with understanding seniors long-term or chronic care needs. It is important to access the most effective and skilled therapy interventions for each client as they experience various changes in function, during the different stages of illness and throughout the aging process.

How do you think it improves their quality of life?

My services focus on identifying specific goals, interventions, and requests from the client, family or the caregiver, and providing direct care in an effort to deliver specific purposeful, meaningful, and life-enhancing care.

How are your services paid for?

ROH is a private pay service offered to those who seek ongoing in-home therapy past what insurance will provide.

Do you enjoy working with a care management team and why?

Grace Care Management is the most comprehensive, well-integrated care management company that takes into consideration each client’s individual needs. Cindy and her quality team are extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled which is a great asset in reaching desired results. Working with them provides an integral part of the health care continuum.

How can you best be reached for further information?

I can best be reached by calling (858) 456-8159 or through email at [email protected].

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